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VSUMI is a first Social Purpose built career portal in Malaysia that is designed to help the Blue and white collars and Low and middle income workers to improve their livelihood and betterment of one skills by matching them to the right and better paying job.

Better Job Matching through Information and Video Sharing

It uses our inbuilt AI technology to speed up the screening time, making the entire hiring process more efficient. We Extract & Match the most relevant candidate information, which allows recruiters to search all resumes directly from their dashboard using a variety of criteria including contact information, job titles, key words, work experiences, education and certifications.

Malaysia first job portal that uses video technology to bring job seekers and employers closer in ways never before imagined. In a competitive market, reducing time to hire is a priority for all employers. 

For employers, VSUMI offers you a platform where you can conduct Live Online Interviews no matter where the candidate are. This makes it easier, efficient & also saves on travelling time and money for candidates.   

For candidates, we offer you a platform to present your best to potential employers where you can create Written & a video resume to stand out and showcase your talent. 

VSUMI is also a Talent Training portal to empower candidates with Live Skills through our Flagship Program “Talent Empowerment Program (T.E.P)” in which selected or sponsored candidates will go through a series of workshops and coaching to improve their mindset, knowledge & skillsets in order to get better paying job or better promotion chances.

Video Resume Speed Up Job Matching Process

No more boring resume, typically 60 seconds, these videos are your shot to make the best first impression to an employer. A video resume lets the employer literally see you and hear your case (via your communication skills, personality and charisma) 



Online Interviews Enrich Your Recruiting Efforts

Implementing online interviews helps everyone involved in the hiring process make better decisions about which candidates to move forward with.



Get Your Job Postings To Millions Of Job Seeker In Malaysia

Your job posting not only show in our portal to millions of candidates and also  be  shared to multiple job search group in Facebook –  all from one place.


Help The Community By Our Hire And Sponsor Program

You hire, we sponsor, click on the link shared by Non-profit organization and subscribe,  We will donate a sum to them every successful subscribe.



We Build Lasting Relationships Between

Community & Businesses

The Hire & Sponsor Program is an approach by VSUMI to support the Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs).

We understand how difficult for the NPOs to raise fund; hence, we want to assist by providing them a sustainable access for their fundraising success.

As we seek to empower NPOs to advance through sponsorship by businesses. These endeavours will enable businesses to establish a lasting relationship with the communities.

With VSUMI’s effort, NPOs can have a better focus on their framework for social development without investing much on its own limited resources.

Hire and Sponsor Program


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